Signs That You Have Pest Infestation

No one likes to entertain pests in their home, but when certain seasons arrive, and the temperature drops, pests look for comfortable places to settle in and unfortunately for us, they find it in our homes. Here are some of the signs that may possibly mean that you have a pest infestation.


Bed bugs are known to be “hitchhiking” pests; therefore, they spread very quickly. They are known as bed bugs because they are most commonly found in mattresses and box springs, they can also be found in small cracks, behind wallpaper and even picture frames.

Bed bugs feed on blood; therefore, waking up to blood spots on your sheets is not a good sign. Other ways to look for proof that you have a bed bug issue is by properly going through your mattresses for fecal stains. Even though bed bugs do not transmit any disease they can be quite a nuisance and equally challenging to get rid of. Therefore hiring a professional to do the job for you will be wise.


If you notice any droppings in your bathroom or kitchen area, it is most likely that you have a rodent problem. A rodent includes rats, mice and also hamsters. Out of the three, the most dangerous rodent would be the rat, having rat feces in your home can lead to contamination of your home’s surface. Rats are known to carry at least 25 diseases; they spread some of the most life threatening diseases for example Lyme disease.

Holes in wood

There’s only one insect that has the capability of biting into wood and that is a termite. Termite damage can cause the infrastructure of your home to weaken as termites survive by feeding on cellulose and nutrients which wood contains, this means that your house will deteriorate faster leaving you a costly bill to pay in the future.

Along with Termites, carpenter ants also can do major damage to your house. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites do; they prefer damp or damaged wood. Therefore they are found in pipes, electric wires, and attic vents. It is definite that you have a carpenter ant problem when you see wood shavings beneath wood items and find large winged ants coming out of cupboards or ceilings. Instead of taking care of the ant problem on your own it is suggested to call a professional who has knowledge on ant control.

If you notice any of the following signs in your household, it is crucial to take immediate action as if you prolong making the necessary remedies, it may lead you to a situation that you may not be able to get out of. I hope the above information will help you in identifying the pest infestation you have in your home and get rid of it with ease.